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“If I cross path with the devil I am supposed to call father... I will show him how much his little girl has grown.” -Yurin's resolve

Yurin Fujiwara2
Yurin Fujiwara



Fujiwara Yurin


Human (Half-demon)


Female Female




165 cm (5'55")


49 kg (104 lb)


February 14

Hair Color

Light Blue

Eye Color


Blood Type


Professional Status


Exorcist Information




Personal Status



Fujiwara Sakiko (Mother) ✝
Fujiwara Fuyumi (Aunt)
Kawasaki Daichirō (Father) ✝
Satan (Father)
Mephisto Pheles (Half-Brother)
Amaimon (Half-Brother)
Rin Okumura (Half-Brother)
Yukio Okumura (Half-Brother)

Japanese Voice

Kanae Ito

English Voice

Luci Christian

Fujiwara Yurin (ふじわら夕鈴, Fujiwara Yurin), is an Exwire of the True Cross Academy and is training to become a Knight and Tamer . She is also a half-demon

She's the main protagonist of the fanfiction サタンの娘 - Satan's Daughter .


Yurin Fujiwara (full body)

Yurin's True Cross Academy uniform.

Yurin has shoulder-length light blue hair, bangs that often bother her, pale skin and turquoise eyes. Her pale skin makes her eyes seem slightly darker than they really are.

Even when she’s still in her human form, she has clear physical traits that hint her Demonic nature, such as prominent canine teeth and slightly pointed ears, that are covered by her thick hair. She has always had a black tail that fades to gray, when she finally entered society she started hiding it under her shirt.

As a Demon, Yurin’s ears grow longer becoming more elf-like and her pupils become red while her irises are completely dark turquoise. Blue flames blaze around all her body.

Prior to enrolling in True Cross Academy, Yurin’s wardrobe was rather simple and very tomboyish, seeing as she just trained and didn’t have time to act like a normal girl. Her younger self was seen to be always wearing a simple knee-length white dress, she wore a different dress only on her birthday, always a knee-length dress but blue-fading-to-white color.

Whilst in True Cross Academy, Yurin wears the school’s uniform, which consists of a white shirt, necktie, a navy blue blazer, a pink skirt and black stockings. Occasionally she was seen to wear a headband to keep her bangs out of her eyes. 


Yurin has a very energetic and optimistic personality. She’s very friendly, both with humans and demons. If she can’t come to terms with a demon through peaceful talking then she uses the slightly harder and painful way. Tries her best at everything she does because she believes that hard-work pays off to those who are talentless like her.

She’s dense about others feelings for her, if someone doesn’t tell her straightforwardly what they feel she will never get it. She even has problems understanding her own feelings.

She could be a little awkward around people she doesn’t know but she tries her all to befriend them, but she doesn’t push the person she gives them their space and waits for them to get use to her, hence she’s patient.

Unlike what most people think, Yurin is quite smart and loves to study but having fun is always one of her most favorite things. Her hard-working personality kicks in right before a test or an exam, she gives it her all in order to be satisfied about the grade she will get and if she gets a grade that does not mirror her expectations, she is sure to tell the teacher about it. 


An year later after Rin and Yukio were born, Satan once again decided to surface to Assiah, this time around he found a powerful host but knew it wouldn’t last long so he just wondered around aimlessly until he stumbled upon Sakiko Fujiwara, the fiancée of his host. The two shared a night of passion, Satan doing it just for the heck of it before his possessed body died.

The next morning when Sakiko woke up, she found the partly carbonized, bloodied body of her fiancée Daichirō Kawasaki. In that moment through her mind flashed the images of the carbonized bodies of the Blue Night and she realized the gravity of her situation. Without saying a word to anyone, she fled to America and gave birth to Yurin in secret. No matter how many Demons she had killed, she could never kill the smallest last reminder of her lover, even if she had impure blood.

Before she gave birth to the girl, Sakiko found a village where she could hide. Obviously she should have left the village by the time the baby was out but she couldn’t find a better place so she prayed the villagers fear of her baby was enough to make them think twice before trying to kill it. She even prayed that her baby didn’t inherit Satan’s flames.

When the baby was born surrounded by blue flames, she could do nothing about it. She fed her milk and took care of her until she was three after that she just gave the girl food and nothing else, because she really hated the fact that she had the mark of Satan but yet she was Daichirō’s daughter.

Yurin was treated as an outcast, confined home most of the time, but she never complained or got angry about it. She could guess why people hated her, she was after all always surrounded by blue flames and flames tend to burn people. But still that didn’t stop her from hating herself because to her this was all her fault, she shouldn’t complain about something she brought upon herself so she kept a distance from everyone in order to protect them.

While she was playing near a waterfall, around the age of four or five, some villagers threw rocks at her and she accidentally fell into the water. She thought that was the end for her but she was saved by a Demon, a Greenman that had the form of a tree. After that day she understood that not all those strange creatures she saw were bad, she could befriend them. When she discovered that she could talk with them, she was delighted. From them she learned a lot of things, like how to orientate herself or survive in a forest.

The happy times ended when she was eight. Her other father, Satan, which she didn’t know about, found out about her existence and ordered some Demons to take care of her since he didn’t need a weak daughter bearing his flames. During the attack her mother died to defend her, showing for the first and last time a true act of love, and upon seeing her mother’s dead body Yurin got overtaken by grief and desperation that she gave into her flames and burned down the town.

She was found by Fuyumi Fujiwara, an exorcist and her mother’s sister wondering around the woods of the village. The woman had been assigned to a secret mission in America by Mephisto Pheles, it was to check out the mysterious case of a village being destroyed by blue flames. Fuyumi saw in the girl a smaller version of her younger twin sister but her ultimate proof was her sister’s body and the girl’s claim of it being her mother’s. However she did not accept Yurin as her niece and left the girl to die in the woods.

A few days later she stumbled on the girl, lying on the floor looking almost dead. Before she could even approach her, someone she didn’t expect appeared, Mephisto Pheles. The man declared happily that he would take care of his dear sister, by giving her the final blow, but unexpectedly the bluenette girl stood up, a determine flame burning in her eyes. “I owe Mother my life so.. if I ever cross path with the man I’m supposed to call.. Father.. I will show him how much his little girl has grown..!” she declared before fainting again, this time in the arms of her aunt. Fuyumi changed her mind about the girl when she heard her speech and decided to take her under her wing and train her, so she made a bet with Mephisto stating that if in six years time Yurin wasn’t ready to be introduced to society both the girl and her would be property of the clown.

Six years of rigorous training in different habits made the feat possible, Yurin was presentable to society. She no longer had the mark of Satan constantly showing, she had more control on her flames, she knew how to fight back, she was ready to go. Once her few things were packed she ventured to True Cross Academy alone, which was quite a feat considering she was on the other side of the world but this was her aunt’s last test thus she did her best to get there as early as possible. It took her five days. 


Fujiwara Sakiko

Yurin had a very delicate relationship with her mother, who totally despised the fact that she was Satan's offspring but at the same time her lover's carbon-copy. However she loved very dearly Yurin and treated her at least as a human, during rare times did she treat her as her daughter. Nonetheless Yurin loved her mother dearly, and wouldn't have asked for another one. She didn't care if her mother didn't love her back, she was always grateful for the little things her mother would do for her. The only moment that she truly felt like her mother loved her was when she protected her from Satan and died in order to protect her.

Fujiwara Fuyumi

Their relationship did not start in a very good way. Fuyumi blamed Yurin of her twin sister's death but most of all her horrible fate, because Sakiko had to run away from the True Cross Order in order to keep the baby safe. She only accepted Yurin when she heard her resolve to keep living and swore to Mephisto that she would take care of her for six years and make her presentable to society. After that their relationship started getting better, but because of Fuyumi's strict personality Yurin couldn't help but be afraid of her sometimes.

Mephisto Pheles

Yurin respects Mephisto as a both the principal and her older brother. She had little to no problem accepting he was her brother from her Demonic father's side, after all he wasn't the one that had her mother killed.

Okumura Yukio

While in school, they have a teacher-student relationship and while at home they have soemthing similar to a older brother-younger sister relationship. Yurin considers Yukio to be someone important to her since he's also important to Rin, who the bluenette is very close to. Their relationship is good, they are the level-headed people of the family after all. Sometimes they have fun by making fun of Rin. At times she thinks he's a scary person because he always has this strange glint in his glasses, just like those glasses-wearing anime characters and it freaks her out.

Okumura Rin

  • In progress

Moriyama Shiemi

Shiemi is Yurin's first friend. Their friendship is incredibly solid, not even broken when it was revealed that Yurin was a half-demon however it was momentarily broken when Shiemi revealed of liking Rin romantically (Fanfiction, Chapter 10 - The seaside camp unravels big secrets). During Chapter 13 they returned to being friends; stating that it didn't matter who won Rin's heart, they would always stay friends.

Suguro Ryuji

They are seldom seeing talking to each other but when they do, they are usually always talking about school subjects. Yurin respects him for his hard-working personality, and finds his usual fights with Rin to be one of the most funny things ever.

Shima Renzo

At first Shima tried flirting with Yurin but gave up immediately when he saw he had no chance with her, due to her naivety. The two however have a good relationship, Yurin is always seen laughing when talking with Shima. The pink haired boy loves telling the blunette jokes and "Bon vs Okumura" stories, basically he treats her like a younger sister.

Miwa Konekomaru

Nothing much can be said about Yurin's relationship with Konekomaru, they often talk with each other when the others are fighting and would rather stay out of their fights.

Kamiki Izumo

After a long time they become something close to 'friends'. Yurin knew when to give the girl her space and Izumo appreciated that a lot, that's how they formed their friendship, one small step at a time.

Powers & Abilities

Superhuman Strength

Since little, Yurin has been physically stronger than most people around her, mostly because of her Demon heritage. This was clearly shown a few when she was little, whenever she would get lost and she would just head straight while searching for an exit, in doing that she would knock down trees like they were nothing. 


·         Having good reflexes and great speed, Yurin was able to master her aunt’s sword technique and make one of her own. She settled for the idea of fusing the flames she inherited from Satan with the blade of her rapier, which she named Aoihane (青い羽根, Blue Blade or Blue Feather). The blade of the sword was made with a special metal that can resist Demon’s fire, and can channel Yurin’s flame so that the blade becomes stronger and more resistant. When channeling, the blade’s color changes to a light blue and glows, showing that the girl’s flames are passing through its metallic veins. The sheath is dark purple and the hilt has a complex design, the form reminds of wings, while the handle is of a fine dark wood, almost black, and the pommel is a transparent gem. 

Seeing as she can’t carry the sword all the time with her, she formulized a Magic Circle that could let her summon her sword from its place in her room, where she always leaves it.

The phrase she uses to summon it is: “( 煉獄の青いブレードは、私にあなたの力を貸して!) Blue blade of Purgatory, lend me your strength!” 


·         Yurin became a Tamer when she accidentally summoned Demonia Phosphorus, Gehenna Gate’s Guard Demon, while training with her aunt in Magic Circles. Of course she and him didn’t get along at all. They became close when a Demon sent by Satan attacked Yurin and Blue, how the girl calls him, disobeyed his master’s orders and protected the bluenette girl.

The two perform in combination attacks using their flames, their combined blue and red flames make a powerful purple one that can destroy. As their mentalities are different, they can only attack to destroy, so they are very restricted. Blue tends to act more as a support, while he distracts an enemy Yurin can go and attack the other.

The words Yurin uses to summon Blue are: “(炎の火付け役と守る、悪魔ガード、Demonia!) Spark the flames and protect, Demon Guard, Demonia!”

Partial Demon Form

·         Instead of having her powers sealed inside a sword like Rin, Yurin has her Demon powers sealed inside her heart, a place no one can reach to break it. The seal was done by her aunt. The only problem to this is that if Yurin gets very excited or otherwise very emotional her flames leak out, even if she has a certain level of control on them, because it’s her heart that keep them from running free, a sudden change of her normal heart-beat could cause them to come out. Her emotions influence her flames more than anything else and it would be dangerous if she suddenly felt a very strong emotion without warnings.

It might seem like this is a disadvantage but it was for the best, like this she doesn’t risk having her Demon Heart being broken and dying. 


·         The ability to control her flames at will is something Yurin has been training on since she was little. She has a noticeable control on them if her emotions are on check.

Her flames are the clear proof that she’s Satan offspring and they are also the key to her Demonic powers. It was evident when her mother died, she was completely consumed by the flames’ Demonic nature and lost all rational thinking and humanity. This implies that the flames have somehow a will of their own, and that they will take advantage of every moment Yurin feels weak to go rampage. 

Regenerative Abilities

Due to her Demonic Heritage, Yurin’s body has incredibly high-speed regenerative abilities; that also makes her immune to miasma and other energy-draining substances created by demons, like her aunt noted while they were training with poisonous Demons. The only thing that can weaken her regenerative abilities is Satan’s flames or anyone possessing his flames, like his offsprings. 

Demon Telepathy

Yurin can communicate with demons, and even speak a little bit of Demon language with demons that can’t speak telepathically. She was taught by a Greenman when she was little. 


  • Yurin’s name means “Evening bell” in Kanji. 夕(Yu) means ‘evening’, and 鈴(Rin) means ‘bell’.
  • Yurin’s favorite pastimes are: reading, sleeping, studying, eating and training.
  • Her favorite manga genres are: comedy, suspense/mystery, action and fantasy.
  • Yurin doesn’t have a favorite type of guy, “if I like you then I like you!”
  • Her favorite food is Katsudon.
  • She sleeps 10 hours a day.
  • Yurin made 4th place in Rin’s “Cool Dudes According to Me” ranking in Chapter 7 - Uninvited guests arrive!
  • Some Demons call Yurin “Hell’s Princess” or “Princess” due to her parentage with Satan.


  • (To Blue) "I hope you rot in Heaven.."
  • (To Rin Okumura ) "Okumura-sensei's little brother?"
  • (To Rin Okumura ) "This all world is new to me so I still don't know how I am supposed to act around people.."
  • (To Renzō Shima ) "A date? What's that? Something to eat?"

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