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Shokou Kusanagi
Vital statistics
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Gender Female
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Status Alive
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Shokou Kusanagi (草摘 曙光), also known as Shou, is a Second Year High-School Student, student in Exorcism Cram School, and Knight, downgraded to an Exwire due to her lack of quality performance. She is also the younger adoptive sister of Michiko Kusanagi.

Appearance Edit

Shokou is a girl of average height, but weighs more than normal from muscle, due to her extensive (and sometimes almost obsessive) healthy diet and lifestyle. Her breasts are a 34D-Cup.

She has medium-length red hair that's normally worn partially tied back, letting the rest of her hair fall just past her shoulders with some locks of hair falling the middle of her face. She also has heterochromia, her left eye being deep pink, and her right being silver. 

She is normally seen wearing the Cram School Uniform, but keeps the tie and lets the collar hang open slightly, sometimes wearing a gray jacket over the shirt.

Personality Edit

When first meeting her, she seems somewhat indifferent and is anti-social, but not mean. Naturally observant, she thinks highly of herself and her abilites although it seems she doubts herself around people of certain reputation.

In truth, she's a strong and relentless girl, but can be difficult/stubborn if the assigned order goes against her personal beliefs. She's also extremely competitive, and tends to be that one person that will rub it in your face for a while if she wins.

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