ナリシュカイナ清羅 (セイラ)


Narishukaina Seira


Satan's granddaughter (サタンの孫娘 Satan no magomusume)
Russia's fairy (ロシアの妖精, Roshia no yōsei)


Human (Part-demon)


Female Female




169.5 cm


54 kg


January 13th

Hair Color

Dark Purple

Eye Color


Blood Type


Professional Status

True Cross Order




Damien Cross

Base of Operations

Russia Main Branch Office

Exorcist Information

Upper First Class Exorcist





Personal Status



Mayu Naryshkina(Formerly Saitō) (Aunt, Adoptive Mother)
Valentin Naryshkin (Adoptive Father, Uncle)
Mikhail Naryshkin (Adoptive Brother)
Azazel (Distant-relationship)
Satan (Distant-relationship)

Seira Naryshkina (ナリシュカイナ清羅 (セイラ) Naryshkina Seira) is one of the remaining survivors from Azazel's bloodline and an Upper-First class Exorcist.
She later retires to travel the world and become a figure skating coach.

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Seira is a slender woman with long, tied up, dark-purple hair and orange eyes. While in her human form she exhibits a number of physical traits which point towards her demon ancestry; such as prominent canines, slightly pointed ears and purple, fur-tufted tail just above his hips.
In her demon form, Seira gains long, elf-like ears and slit, yellow pupils while her irises remain orange.

She usually dresses elegantly and is most often seen wearing a white ruffled top tucked into black dress pants with black boots. She has a brown belt hanging loosely on her hip to which she attaches Kladenets' scabbard.
Over which she wears a black tailcoat, often left open.


Originally she was portrayed simply as a cold and stoic character, never changing her demeanour regardless of the situation they found themselves in. Which, while allowing her to keep her cool in stressful situations, made her unapproachable. Coupled with her seemingly poor social skills, meant there were not many people that she spoke to or who even liked her.
She comes across as a stuck-up which was partially accurate as she admitted to having little patience for incompetent people, which in her opinion encompassed a great number of Order members.
Seira is extremely confident in her abilities and does not feel the need to rely on others while fighting. Though she would follow Damien's orders when given and use her abilities to help the team.


She was born out of an unwanted union, resulting in her mother attempting several methods of terminating the pregnancy; including self-inflicted harm without success. Upon giving birth the woman entered a severe depression and Seira was cared by her aunt.
However, her obvious demonic traits continued to act as a reminder to her mother who snapped, resulting in her separating herself from her sister, Mayu, and taking Seira with her in further attempts of eliminating her. All proving unsuccessful as her inherited powers kept her safe from all physical harm her mother attempted to inflict upon her.
Seira was eventually left to starve and was saved by a group of exorcist employed by Mayu to track down her sister and retrieve Seira safely. As she was a half-demon and taken from her mother's custody, Seira was sent to the Asylum, with the pretence of being trained by the order in order to become an exorcist despite her aunt's protests.
There she meet Augustus, who was a year older than her and trained together on occasions as she improved till she was transferred to the Russian exorcist school per the request of Valentin Naryshkin who then later formally adopted her.
In Russia she was reunited with her aunt who had married Valentin and was the one to ask for her transfer.


After the artificial Gehenna Gate was discovered and subsequently sealed off temporarily by Mephisto, Seira was part of the platoon deployed to ensure the demons gathering around it remained within the set perimeter and prevent their damage from spreading.

Power & Abilities


When she first made an appearance she was seen wielding Kladenets. A demonic sword passed down through the Naryshkin family which chose her and seeming to be her default weapon.

  • Woge: Seira swings her sword diagonally, releasing a powerful, concentrated gust of wind that can tear through tree trunks easily.


Although most often seen wielding a sword, Seira's preferred weapon is the bow and arrow. Though it is much too slow in combat, the only time she has been seen wielding it is during training/leisure.
That is, with the exception of her demonic bow which seems to be made out of lighting and Seira has only been seen using in her demon form.

  • Reinigen: Seira fires one lighting arrow which increases in size the moment she releases it. It was powerful enough to take out a hoard of demons all at once, leaving none alive and charring the ground.



Gehenna Gate: For reasons unknown, Seira's blood can be used to call forth the Gehenna Gate like her grandfather. It was a highly guarded secret that only her father and Satan were privy off.
This ability was discovered when Satan opened a gate in order to bring Azazel back to Gehenna. Seira, who got injured during the commotion, was able to accidentally close the gate once her blood entered in contact with it.
Seira has stated that she only opened the gate three times in her life. Once to test out if she could actually do it, two to visit Gehenna and three when she failed to exorcise a high-level demon so she sent it back to hell.

Enhanced Strength: Because of her demonic heritage, Seira has incredible strength. Even as a child she could break other people's bones which, while learning to become an exorcist, meant she often trained with the supervisors or was required to hold back during spars.

High-Speed Regeneration: Also due to her demonic heritage Seira has inherited high-speed regeneration which, in short, means her wounds heal at a faster pace than most humans' and it can allow her to survive what for others would be a fatal hit. This gives her immense durability which she takes advantage off when engaging stronger opponents head on.

High Speed and Reflexes: Seira's demonic blood grants her enhanced speed and reflexes. This grants her an advantage over other humans and allows her to more easily dodge during a fight.

  • Afterimage: It appears that her velocity allows her to leave afterimages which can be used to confuse an enemy about her real location.

Spectral Awareness: As a half-breed, Seira has always been able to perceive demons.

Fast Reader: Seira is an incredibly fast reader and can finish thick tomes in mere hours if she is uninterrupted.


  • Seira's name means "holy and good" which is ironic considering her half-demon status.
  • Although never elaborated upon, Seira if fond of German. Reflected by her choice for her technique names, similarly to her uncle Mephisto.


  • "Your inability to control your temper is of no advantage. Cease your teenage dramatics at once and focus." — Seira to Rin
  • "Ah, this would be the first time we meet. Please forgive my rudeness uncle, I am Naryshkina Seira, daughter of Azazel." —Seira to Lucifer
  • "I can't guarantee I will be able to close it. I might just make matters worse even."


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